SUPERFANS: Digital Marketing For Musicians

SUPERFANS: Digital Marketing For Musicians

Grow a profitable and loyal fan base to support your music career

What you’ll learn

  • Music Marketing

  • How To Build A Fanbase

  • How To Establish Yourself As An Artist Worth Following

  • The Big 3 Steps Necessary To Grow Your Audience
  • Know How To Use Social Media

We have a problem with marketing.

The days are gone when you could just make good music and wait for people to discover it.

You can make great music, but you’re missing out on incredible opportunities if you aren’t marketing it.

And it’s not marketing in general, but marketing it correctly.

How many times have you heard this:

“Hey! Check out my Soundcloud link!”

What do you feel?

Annoyed? Angry? Sad?

Maybe a mixture of all three.

Social media is the driving force behind music marketing, and if you aren’t building a brand around yourself or your band there’s a lot you’re leaving on the table.

In this candid and action-inspired class you’ll learn:

  • How to properly connect and build relationships with your fans…

  • Tips for leveraging collaborations to grow your audience…

  • The biggest mistake most artists make when marketing their music…

  • And a simple way to tell your story in an effective way…

You’ll leave this class with specific examples of what works from successful artists who have turned their small and loyal followings into 6 figures.

So whether you only have one fan (hi mom) or are already building your audience, this class will give you actionable steps and new ways to build your audience.

Grab a coffee, set aside 30 minutes of focused time, and get ready to take your marketing to the next level.

Let’s get it.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginning To Intermediate Musicians
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