Strategies for small trading accounts to create income

Learn to trade credit spreads to create consistent income with defined risk

Learn how to create consistent income in small trading accounts of only $500

Learn to use defined risk when you’re creating passive income in your trading account

Learn to trade credit spreads even if you have no experience in the stock market

Learn how to use stock options to create passive income for yourself

Option selling provides consistent income and you get paid the income straigtht away when you sell the option.  Option sellers are kind of like insurance companies in that they are  using statistics and probabilities to take in a little more money than they pay out.

The two main strategies I generally teach regarding options are to (1) sell naked puts on stock you like anyway at strike prices you wouldn’t mind buying the stock at and (2) sell covered calls on stocks you already have.

A third strategy that can give a trader a higher probability of success is to trade credit spreads.  A put credit spread is to sell at a strike lower than where the stock is trading while simultaneousluy buying a contract one strike lower.  A call credit spread is to sell at a strike higher than where the stock is trading while simultaneousluy buying a contract one strike higher.

A trader can sell both a put credit spread and a call credit spread (also known as an iron condor.  The advantage of this is (1) being able to produce premium income on smaller accounts (can start with as little as a couple hundred dollars, (2) being able to produce income with a more defined risk, and (3) be able to produce income on a more consistent basis in up, down, and sideways markets.

This course is recommended to students who have already taken my main course of “Options Masterclass-Learn how to create daily income”.  That main course provides fundamental explanations of stocks and options and this course is meant as an add-on to the main course to illustrate a third strategy.

This course will show you live examples of inputting credit spreads so you can use this strategy right away to create income for your account.

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