Sourcing Alibaba and How to Sell on Amazon FBA Private Label

Sourcing Alibaba and How to Sell on Amazon FBA Private Label

A step-by-step guide for how to Source from ALIBABA, start Amazon FBA A9 Algorithm and MASTER Amazon Product Launch, PPC

What you’ll learn

  • Supplier Websites
  • Analyzing Suppliers
  • Contact Text
  • Contacting All Suppliers
  • Incoterms-EXW-FOB-DDU-DDP
  • Finding Freight Forwarder
  • Reading Messages
  • Deciding Suppliers
  • First Order on Amazon
  • How it works?
  • Relevancy
  • A9 Algorithm – Conversion Rate Amazon FBA
  • A9 Algorithm – Customer Time and Important Information
  • Product Launch – Giveaway
  • PPC – Before Product Launch in Amazon FBA
  • Launch Strategy 1-2 in Amazon
  • Which Strategy Should We Choose?
  • Keyword Analysis, How Many Giveaway?, Super URL, How to Giveaway?
  • Getting Reviews, Promo Codes, Giveaway (Facebook)
  • Automatic PPC, Ads Reports, Manuel PPC in Amazon FBA
  • Don’t Be Out of Stock, Sales Conversion, Session and Page views.


  • Internet Connection
  • Computer
  • Students do not need any knowledge or experience of online selling before beginning this course. However, basic computer and Internet skills are a requirement
  • Interest about Amazon FBA

Who this course is for:

  • Who is interested in amazon FBA
  • Who is interested in e-commerce
  • This course suits complete beginners but it is also for existing Amazon sellers who are not getting the results they want.
  • The course also includes advanced tactics and valuable downloads which are suitable for all levels.
  • Who is interested in Amazon seller


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