Communication Skills Starter Pack

Learn How to Listen Better, Negotiate Deals, Create Presentations, Improve Fashion, Dominate Eye Contact and More


Are you currently struggling to articulate your ideas with clarity and confidence?

Internally, the thoughts make sense. However, whenever you try to communicate, that’s when there is resistance.

This is a common problem faced by professionals & entrepreneurs. The inability to communicate causes opportunities to be missed.

Considering we are living in the information age, this is the era to collaborate & share your ideas with clarity & confidence.

Luckily, communication skills can be learned!

  • Hard skills are about learning how to use instruments.
  • Soft skills are about learning how to become an instrument.

In the Soft Skills Starter Pack, you will get a collection of classes that will help you improve the intangibles so you can process information faster, think on your feet & communicate with power.

The classes included are:

Impromptu Speaking Class:

In this class, you will learn the importance of thinking on your feet. The world moves too fast to always be planning what you are going to say. The art of impromptu speaking has frameworks that you can follow to a science. Learn the frameworks, practice & deliver impromptu talks with ease. The ability to think on your feet makes it easier to communicate in conversations, job interviews & business meetings.

Listening Skills Class:

Speaking is only one part of the game. What is equally, if not more important, is listening skills. Great listeners are great speakers. By listening with intent, you will be able to learn crucial information faster & speak with more clarity. In this class, you will learn the difference between hearing vs listening, trampoline vs sponge listening & how to practice understanding others!

Meditation Class:

Either you control the mind or the mind controls you. Meditation is the act of taking the mind to the gym so you become the master. In recent ages, meditation has become too complex with too many teachings. In this class, you will learn the bare fundamentals in order to organize the monkey mind so you can think clearly. The byproduct of thinking clearly is speaking clearly.

Negotiation Skills Class:

It’s crucial to learn how to collaborate with others. Negotiation does not have to be a situation where someone else has to lose for you to win. Instead, both parties can win! The purpose of this class is to teach you how to create win-win relationships. By negotiating properly, you build social assets faster & get what you want. Improve lives & add abundance with each transaction.

Public Speaking Class:

The ability to speak in public is leverage. You can get your ideas heard at scale. However, the fear of public speaking is holding people back. Speech anxiety is the #1 fear in the world ranking ahead of death. The reason for this fear is that we are never taught how to speak in front of others. In this class, you will learn how to manage speech anxiety, structure a speech & deliver with confidence!

Speed Reading Class:

Learning is a valuable trait for gifted communicators. One efficient way to learn is by reading. Time is money. Reading faster while maintaining comprehension is a skill set that we can exercise our minds into. In this beginner’s class into speed reading, you will learn how to find the right books for you, read efficiently & retain more information.

Time Management Class:

Leaders with great soft skills need to manage their time efficiently. Naturally, humans are awful time managers. Without a system, a human is bound to procrastinate. In this class, you will learn basic fundamentals of how to plan your day so you are moving forward in your goals and leveling up. Win the days, win the months and win the years.

Fashion Skills Class:

A lot of people don’t take fashion seriously. For them, it’s an afterthought. But here’s a thing… fashion is not only about artistic expression, fashion has a ton of practical value. By dressing sharper, you will feel more confident, enhance likability, build persuasion skills and more. In this beginner’s class on fashion, you will learn why fashion is important, thinking evergreen when choosing a wardrobe, the power of experimenting & where to draw inspiration from.

Conflict Management Class:

Not everyone you talk to will be nice. A lot of them will be rude. At times, you may be feeling angry as well. 2 people with anger can intensify really quickly. Now imagine if more people are thrown into the mix! You get my point. Knowing how to manage conflict shows signs of emotional intelligence. In this class, you will learn what is conflict management, how to respect the other party, see different angles, listen actively, contribute logic of your own, and gear the interaction toward a resolution.

Eye Contact Class:

Are you someone who struggles with eye contact? If so, you are not alone. Plenty of people struggle with eye contact. One reason someone struggles with eye contact is that they don’t really know what is it. They are operating with the incorrect definition. And due to the incorrect definition, their body language is off. In this beginner’s class, you will learn the correct definition of eye contact, the illusion of transparency, and the spotlight effect, how to hold eye contact in a 1 on 1 interaction, how to hold eye contact in groups and during public speaking, and spotting ill intent.

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders, entrepreneurs & professionals

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