Graphic Design Content: Canva For Social Media Marketing

Using Canva, And Canva Pro you’ll learn How to Create Social Media Design And Video Editing : Social Media Marketing


If you want to succeed in online business we all know that one of the best methods to promote and scale your business is facebook ads,

However so many people struggle to boost their business using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads, and one of the reasons is that the photos and images they use on their ads do not captivate their target audience.

On Facebook Instagram And LinkedIn , there is a lot of competition, and if you don’t know how to design attractive photos and Videos to promote your products you’ll definitely fail, an attractive photo or Video, this will definitely decrease your ad costs, and increase your sales.

In this course i will teach you how to design attractive photos and videos to succeed in Facebook , Instagram And LinkedIn ads using Canva , All the methods i teach are completely free and simple to use.

* In This Course Your will learn How To Create :

Create Image Design For The Facebook Basic Ad.
– Design For Facebook Event Cover.
– Facebook Ad Design For Mobile Applications.
– Facebook Shops Ad Design.
– Facebook Shops Cover Design.
– Facebook And Instagram
– Story Design And How to Converted To Animated Story Video.
– Square Image Design For Instagram Carousel Ad.
– Instagram Reel Video Design And Editing.
– LinkedIn Post Image Design.
– LinkedIn Single Image Ad Design For Wholesaling.
– LinkedIn Video Creation To Promote My Business.
– Artwork Football Wallpaper Design Creation.

So let’s dig deeper into this topic, prepare yourself to take notes, and see you in a few seconds.

Some Images Deisgn :

Who this course is for:

  • For those looking to create a design image and video for social media, with a fast, professional and easy way.

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