Smarter & confident = more ideas + better decision process

Smarter & confident = more ideas + better decision process

2 pro techniques from the advertising world to develop ideas faster, gain confidence and push thinking limits
What you’ll learn

  • Master the technique of “flow” to generate more than 10 ideas in less than 5 minutes!

  • Explore how to introduce fast ideation in any group-project

  • Discover a technique of decision-making to classify the best ideas along their IMPACT and COSTS

  • Become familiar with ideation, decision-making matrix and group facilitation

  • Acquire confidence in your capacity to “break” a challenge by applying simple replicable techniques
  • You need a computer/laptop to follow the course.
  • Please take a pen & paper while you use the course.
  • Ideally a little block of post-its (sticky notes) to reach maximum output.

Getting lost in ideas

Most people do not think with a step-by-step method – and rely much on their natural brain skills. A lot of us end up feeling overwhelmed and stuck, or simply afraid of tackling certain challenges.

We start and stop projects, we collect ideas in notebooks and never execute, we feel at a loss when presenting an idea, and even offering the right gift to our friends takes weeks of back-and-forth and mental rut. 

Step-by-step techniques to think like a professional

But thinking, generating ideas and making decisions is a muscle to train and this course introduces 2 of the most advanced techniques to practice confidently. 

These techniques originate from advertising, an industry that sells for more than 1.2 trillion dollars a year of ideas. A sector where waiting to be struck by lightning and “get an idea” would be completely irrational. 

So we adopted professionals’ best methods to create simple but highly efficient techniques to gain enough confidence to present an idea to our clients.

This course helps anyone acquire two fundamental techniques in less than 2 hours:

  1. generating ideas faster, by putting ourself under time pressure
  2. getting confidence in the best idea to solve a problem by using a simple and rational model

Thanks to these two techniques, anyone can then go on tackling problems that seemed insurmountable, from starting a business, keeping a habit, or changing career. 

Who should take this course?

This course has been taught to thousands of participants in real life before being adapted to digital. 

  • Entrepreneurs have seen a direct increase in their earnings in the weeks following the use of better decision tools, and we have helped hundreds of them. 
  • Students of Master’s degrees have picked up better career choices in less than 60 minutes because they could compare their options rationally. 
  • Digital Nomads have improved their work-life balance by generating more options.
  • Diplomatic staff in 20+ countries have generated better campaigns to reinforce their presence in the country. 
  • Social entrepreneurs and refugees in Uganda have planned business ideas after being exposed to the training.
  • Illustrators and professional creatives have seen their techniques of work sped up to deliver better work to their clients and find new ones

The course is extremely practical and thanks to the included exercises it will be easy for you to do the work while following along. 

You both learn and practice, so by the end of the course you already have solved an important challenge of yours AND adopted a new skill.

The trainer:
Charlelie Jourdan, 36 yo. French – living in Spain

For the last 4 years, Charlelie has facilitated more than 200 brainstorming sessions, sometimes for up to 150 people at the same time. He has trained 2000+ people on techniques of fast ideation and decision-making, developing blueprints for thinking faster.

He was the founder and creative director of a 10-people advertising agency for 6 years and has launched 2 other businesses. He started his career in international politics and worked for the European Parliament. 

Charlelie is currently a consultant and trainer working for organizations such as the European Union, Google EU, Intel, BNP-Paribas, EU diplomatic delegations, and various tech startups. He is an alumni of Two12 2019 & Seth Godin’s AltMBA #36.

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals feeling stuck with too many ideas and a need to find the best ones.
  • Entrepreneurs & Freelancers who need to generate concrete business ideas.
  • Lifehackers who have a morning routine, a journal and need new challenges to push their limits even further.
  • Entrepreneurs who are not certain of the services and products they should offer.
  • Students who want to take better decisions for their career path
  • Beginner facilitators who want to add new training routines to their courses
  • Advanced creatives who need repeatable techniques to generate ideas
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