Small Business Digital Transformation Accelerator – Premium

Empower Your Business with Proven Digital Strategies To Help You Do More With Less and Stay Competitive


Ignite Your Small Business’s Digital Revolution! Unleash Growth and Efficiency with Our Small Business Digital Transformation Accelerator

Are you ready to take your small business into the digital age? Our program goes beyond just learning digital concepts – it’s about putting them into action for real-world impact. Picture making your business run smoother, saving time and resources. Imagine setting goals that perfectly match your business dreams, leading to growth you’ve never experienced. Let’s dig into the amazing benefits that await you:

  • Supercharge Efficiency: Learn how to use digital tools to simplify your processes and save valuable time and resources. In fact, recent data shows that small businesses that utilise more than six digital tools experience a notable increase in sales, profits, and employment rates.
  • Tailored Growth: Develop clear and achievable digital goals that match your unique business vision, setting the stage for scalable success.
  • Confident Choices: Become a pro at understanding your business’s digital potential, pinpointing where you can make the biggest improvements.
  • Smooth Changes: Acquire strategies for managing change effectively, ensuring your digital journey is not only successful but also sustainable.
  • Assessing Technology Suitability: Get lifetime access to our online tool that simplifies technology assessment. Receive an instant, easy-to-understand rating of your technology’s suitability
  • Selecting the Right Software: We provide an online tool to guide you through the software selection process. Plus, a template to calculate the true cost of ownership.
  • Advanced Automation Strategies: No tech jargon here! Learn how to take your automation game to the next level with simple examples and practical tips.
  • Using AI to Do More With Less: Explore AI in plain English. Real-life examples, intelligent process automation, and real-world applications.
  • Generative AI: Make AI work for you with easy-to-follow best practices and a library of ready-to-use prompts to improve your small business.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Ensure your customer data is secure. We provide practical hints and tips in clear, non-tech language.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Set your business on a data-driven path. Identify patterns, measure progress, and make informed choices with ease.

Unlock the Full Digital Future of Your Small Business – Get Lifetime Access to These Tools and Resources:

  • Digital Transformation Readiness Check – A unique self-assessment tool enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current business operations. This tool helps you zone in on the areas that need improvement providing instant actionable insights that give you a clear starting point for your digital transformation journey.
  • 8 Process Mapping Templates – Access 8 high-level process flow templates, complete with guiding questions. Visualize, assess, and enhance your problematic processes efficiently using a free online workflow mapping tool.
  • 64 Probing Process Improvement Questions – 8 Probing Questions accompany each process flow. These questions are carefully crafted to help you dig deep and uncover areas where improvements can be made. They act as your investigative toolkit, guiding you to uncover potential efficiencies and innovations.
  • Current Tech Alignment Scorecard: An online tool to help you understand how your software aligns with your business.
  • FitScore Software Evaluator: An online tool to guide you through software selection with custom recommendations.
  • 10 ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Your Small Business: Unlock the power of AI for your business.
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator Template: A downloadable Excel file to guide you through the process of calculating Total Cost of Ownership for any new software.
  • Downloadable Cheatsheets for key modules: Downloadable cheatsheets for each key module for easy reference to key concepts.

Created by Small Business, for Small Business:

As a small business owner myself, I speak your language and understand your challenges. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive in the digital age.

Time For Action…It’s Decision Time!

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Small business owners who want to scale their business business using technology
  • Small business owners who want to level the playing field empowered by technology
  • Business owners who need to do more with less to stay competitive

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