The Ultimate Sleeping Course (Sleep good & Cure Insomnia)

Sleep better, feel better, live better! The perfect program for better sleep and curing insomnia.


Good sleep is essential for good health.

Having trouble sleeping greatly affects both our mental and physical health. This is a problem that affects over 60% of the adult population, and the number of insomnia are increasing. Few realize that by implementing some simple changes in your daily habit patterns, diet and listening to guided meditations with special frequencies can eliminate insomnia and help you sleep better.

In this course, you will get all the knowledge and tools to greatly improve your sleep and cure insomnia! We have combined all the best breathing, meditation and sleep training knowledge out there and have put it in this amazing course. Learn some simple yet powerful techniques to fall asleep quickly and easily and wake up well-rested, full of energy for the day.

This course consists of:

Guided breathing & meditation sessions

Science about sleep

Yoga Nidra for sleeping

Diet & Nutritional advice

Understanding insomnia

Physical exercises

Sleep journaling

Brain Enhancing Audio® sessions for sleeping

Creating better habits

Ultimate Sleeping Course workbook

Meet your instructor.

Michaël Bijker is the best-selling course creator of breathwork, QiGong and meditation courses on Udemy with over 50.000 students and his courses are among the highest-ranked on Udemy. His teachings have transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world.
Michaël has practiced mind training and meditation since the age of 14 and studied QiGong and Yoga since having to recover from a severe car accident that happened in the year 2001. By the powerful methods of QiGong and Yoga and the grace of God he was able to recover from injuries of which medical professionals considered he would probably not heal. Since then he has been committed to helping others to learn these wonderful techniques as well that will not only give health, focus and strength, but makes us realize what we truly are and what our true calling is.

He has been traveling around the world encountering knowledge for his passion for body and mind work, especially Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong and breath-work. His teachings has helped many from all over the world. Focusing on training mind and body to help each person to get to know it’s real nature and essence and to free your mind. He now teaches yoga, meditation, breath work and mind training in Portugal.
Michaël is a certified 800hr (certified by YogaAlliance) teacher with a yoga therapy certification from Paramanand institute of yoga sciences & research, Indore. where he studied under the loving and wise guidance of Dr. Omanand – Guruji.

Here is what Udemy students say about Michaël’s courses in over 9.000 ratings & reviews!:

“The course became part of my daily meditation and self-care process. I love that the Course is logically built, one subject on top of another, Michael is calm and kind and logical.”

“Great teacher and brilliant course – useful, educational, practical, inspirational and potentially life-changing. Thank you for making this available!”

“This course will guide you, inspire you and take your life to the next level of Love, Joy, and Inner Peace. The most powerful course I’ve done so far. Thank you Michaël.”

“Great course and the teacher is fantastic! Simply the best meditation course I have ever taken! Sublime!”

“Michael has created a wonderful program that melds all of these practices together in a comprehensive program. His smooth voice and wise words make listening to the sessions relaxing, thought-provoking and, for me, the incentive to continue a daily routine under his guidance as well as individual sessions on my own throughout the day. Well done.”

“Amazing teacher and a life-changing course. Thank you so much for making this beautiful program filled with so much awareness and love.”

Who this course is for:

  • For everyone that wants to optimize their sleep
  • For anyone that has any sort of sleeping problem
  • For anyone that suffers from insomnia

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