Dental School Interview Questions – For USA & Canada

30 Highly Important Situational Scenarios For Dental School Interviews & NDECC


These Practice Tests Will Help You Prepare For NDEB’s NDECC Exam And For Dental School Interviews. Practice Tests Will Make You Confident While Answering Various Questions Related To Situations In Dentistry. Answers And Explanations Provided.

Hypothetical scenarios are the core of situational judgement test. It would require you to use your understanding of dental ethics and ability to resolve various situations. These situations could involve communication issues that arise with a co-worker, patient or public, or addressing a dilemma. Take a deep dive into these scenarios and boost your chances to succeed in your NDECC exam or a Dental School Interview.

The Situational Judgement Component Assesses Judgement Required For Solving Problems In Work‐Related Situations.​

Patient-Centered Care

Examples: Assess caries risk, Manage patients’ needs, Gather data, Develop a problem list, Establish diagnoses, Sequence treatment, Plan treatment, Maintain records​


Examples: Respond to ethical dilemmas, Manage referrals, Use social media appropriately​

Communication and Collaboration

Examples: Maintain privacy, Maintain records, Write a referral, Write a lab prescription, Discuss treatment, Document informed consent, Demonstrate cultural competence, Interact with staff , Give post-op instructions

Practice and Information Management

Examples: Manage patient records, Follow protocols, Make evidence-based decisions​

Health Promotion

Examples: Demonstrate an understanding for social determinants of health, Promote access to care for all individuals, Promote measures to prevent oral disease/injury, Advocate for patients​

Who this course is for:

  • Participants Who Are Preparing For NDECC Exam Or Dental School Interview.

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