Shopify Ecommerce Dropshipping Facebook Ads Masterclass 2020

Shopify Ecommerce Dropshipping Facebook Ads Masterclass 2020

Built a brand Shopify store for eCommerce using secret Facebook marketing targeting strategy for dropshipping
What you’ll learn

  • Shopify + facebook marketing for eccomerce & dropshipping

  • Learn How to create a shopify store

  • Finding Product marketing content for free

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Dropshipping Targetting Strategy

  • Facebook Conversions Campaign

  • Making Changes to your ad creative for better result

  • Run facebook ads
  • Facebook page
  • shopify signup

Learn how to create a Shopify dropshipping website for eCommerce along with a secret Facebook advertising strategy to bring in sales from anywhere in the world without any experience.

This course teaches you: 

  • Making Shopify Brand Store
  • Find Marketing Content Free For Ads
  • Running perfect Facebook ads to get sales
  • It requires no experience.

This is a very practical course that covers all the basics you need to get started and start selling online in no time

Don’t waste your time and money on useless youtube videos that get you nowhere, enroll now and start selling today!


Yasir Ahmed, MBA

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn shopify
  • anyone who wants to learn dropshipping
  • anyone who want to learn Facebook marketing
  • Anyone who wants to learn ecommerce marketing
  • Make money online by selling products
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