SharePoint, Power Apps & Power Automate

SharePoint, Power Apps & Power Automate

Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to SharePoint and why it is so important for the modern-day organisation
  • SharePoint Apps, Lists & Libraries: The heart of what makes SharePoint such a powerful collaborative tool
  • Working with SharePoint Libraries to maximise the document management capabilities
  • List views & Calendar for a visual interpretation of your team’s assets
  • Working with Site pages to enhance and customise your SharePoint experience
  • Syncing with OneDrive to draw from other data sources
  • Site columns and content types to further customise the management of your document assets
  • Managing sub sites & user permissions to add powerful controls to your document management experience
  • BONUS: Using the Power Platform with SharePoint to build your very own mobile apps!
  • BONUS: How Power Automate can create incredible Flows that can save you vast amounts of time on a daily basis
  • BONUS: How to leverage Robotic Process Automation to automatically control apps you otherwise wouldn’t be able to


  • You will need access to a SharePoint (Office 365) account, ideally in a corporate setting

Who this course is for:

  • Corporate employees who use SharePoint, this can cover many different job roles as everyone in an organisation that uses SharePoint will use the system.


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