Seven Basic Tools of Quality, SPC and Control Charts

Seven Basic Tools of Quality, SPC and Control Charts

Master the 7 Basic Tools of Quality (7 QC Tools) in a simple, effective manner including SPC and Shewhart Control Charts

What you’ll learn

  • Seven Basic tools of Quality control

  • Statistical process control

  • Different types of control charts

  • Make 7 QC tools in Microsoft Excel

  • Problem solving, Application, Improve quality and process, achieve continuous improvement

  • Achieve enhanced Project Quality and solve Project problems with root cause analysis
  • Basic knowledge of statistics is preferred, but not required

Master the 7 Basic Tools of Quality with this course. As Kaoru Ishikawa mentioned, these 7 QC Tools can be used to solve 95% of Quality and process related issues. However, you need to understand the concepts clearly.

This course in explained in a simple and effective manner, including both the concepts as well as the application. Examples are included which are easy to follow, At the end of every QC Tool, its application is clearly explained using MS Excel.

Apply these tools for quality management, problem solving, process improvement and organizational level business initiatives and projects. This course will be useful for quality professionals and students, operations as well as project professionals. Master these tools to achieve huge improvements and breakthroughs.

Who this course is for:
  • Quality students and professionals, Operations managers, Project professionals, Service quality professionals
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