ITIL Services: Setup & Optimization,

Get knowledge to start a career in asset management, ITIL Service Desk, Capacity & Availability, & Problem Management


Wanting to start a career in IT and want to understand functions to improve your chances in interviews?

Already working in IT services but want some ideas on how you could improve the services you manage?


ITIL services are critical if you want a meaningful way to manage your service offering to your customers. The service desk, if set up right, will be your primary contact with your customers giving that positive user experience, Asset Management will ensure that your company spends its money in the right places and ensures you know where your assets are, and capacity and availability will ensure your service is accountable and gives the best performance available to your users.

On this course we focus on operations of:

1. Hardware Asset Management

2. Capacity and Availability management

3. Problem Management.

4. IT Service Desk

What makes this course different from the rest? The focus is on application of setting up rather than theory that is within ITIL. ITIL is referenced and there are some reflections throughout the course on it, but the key theme is logistics of setting up the respective services.

The course comes with examples of policy templates and process mapping examples to help you start off in the right foot.

I hope you enjoy the course , and if you have any questions, please just message me and I will respond as quickly as possible!

Who this course is for:

  • Contractors setting up new services
  • New start up businesses considering their own ITIL services
  • Those interested in ITIL application

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