Revit Template Masterclass- For Revit Users and BIM Modelers

More Efficiency in Revit 3D Modeling and BIM Projects: Standards Across Architecture, Structure, and MEP Disciplines


Note: The main difference in this course compared to others is that we have not confined ourselves to explaining simple techniques. Instead, we have conveyed the subject through challenging projects and specific tricks, which are the result of numerous experiences.

  • Do you know what features a suitable template provides for a modeler?
  • Are you aware of the advantages of using a suitable template?
  • Do you know how templates used for each project are created?

Revit is an advanced software for designing and modeling buildings, developed by Autodesk. This software supports Building Information Modeling (BIM), enabling designers and engineers to work cohesively throughout the construction process and the lifespan of a project.
The use of templates in Revit is crucial; templates are patterns that include default settings for projects. By utilizing templates, you can easily apply the necessary initial settings and configurations for each project, thereby accelerating the design and modeling process and reducing errors.


  • Rules of BIM Modeling
  • Standard Settings for BIM Projects
  • Annotations Types
  • System Family Types
  • Elements Parameters
  • Quantity Takeoff Tables
  • Outputs Settings
  • Family Creation Techniques
  • Principles of Revit Templates
  • Creating View Templates

If you are currently a BIM modeler or planning to become one, it is essential not to limit yourself to any form. You should be able to manage any architectural design in the BIM process And in the end, you will be the hero of this course. Please watch this course and feel free to ask me any questions you have while watching it.

Who this course is for:

  • BIM Modelers
  • BIM Coordinators
  • BIM Managers
  • Revit Users
  • 3D Modelers
  • Construction Managers
  • Project Managers

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