ReactJs with Redux and Hooks [Hindi]

ReactJs with Redux and Hooks [Hindi]

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the ReactJS from Scratch
  • Learn what is JSX and how to use it in ReactJS to build components
  • Routing in ReactJS using react-router
  • How to make API requests to the server for post and delete request
  • Lifecycle methods and Higher-Order Components
  • Latest features of ReactJS like react hooks – useRef, useContext, useReducer hooks


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Good understanding of Javascript programming language


React is a JavaScript library for building responsive, fast loading, and interactive user interfaces. In this course of react js we will see why ReactJS is better than plain HTML and JS and what all features it provides and how is it as compared to other frameworks like Angular JS, Vue JS, etc.
We will explain how to use the different react hooks introduced in the latest version of react to make the development of various features faster and easier.

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers who are experienced in Javascript and want to learn the ReactJS
  • Experienced Professionals who want to brush up their skills in ReactJS
  • Beginners or Experienced Professionals who want to update their knowledge in ReactJS by learning the new features of react hooks


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