Quantum Computing with Qiskit Ultimate Masterclass

Quantum Computing with Qiskit Ultimate Masterclass

Master the Concepts of Quantum Computing & Gain Hands-On Experience with IBM Qiskit for Quantum Programming

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of mathematics and physics behind Quantum Computing
  • Explore core concepts of Quantum Computing – Superposition, Interference and Entanglement
  • Learn about Quantum Gates and construct Quantum Circuits with IBM Qiskit
  • Learn Quantum Gate decomposition and Quantum Circuit Optimization of large Quantum Circuits
  • Learn Quantum Teleportation and Superdense Coding with their implementation using IBM Qiskit
  • Run your Quantum Programs on a real IBM Quantum Computer
  • Gain Confidence to tackle Quantum Programming challenges organized by various Quantum Computing Industries
  • Learn and gain background to think and analyze about Quantum Algorithms


  • Have coding experience with Python Programming language
  • Have basic knowledge of Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Linear Algebra and Probability

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are curious to know about Quantum Computing
  • High School students with basic background on mathematics and Python programming
  • University students who want to learn and apply Quantum Computing
  • Industry professionals who want to up-skill themselves with Quantum Computing
  • Technology enthusiasts who want to explore the world of Quantum Computing
  • Business professionals who want to leverage the power of quantum computing in their decision making process
  • Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs who want to enter into this cutting-edge field and provide services to others
  • Anyone who want to start their career in Quantum Computing
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning or AI professionals who want to up-skill themselves with Quantum Computing
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