Quadratic Equations | Solutions & Properties

A complete course that leaves no stone unturned.


This course is specially designed for those students who are struggling with their math concepts specifically quadratic functions.

This course basically consists of two parts. The first part covers 3 methods of solving quadratic equation: By factorization, by completing square and by quadratic formula. This part also covers the derivation of quadratic formula using completing square method. For more understanding, I have solved exercises alongside examples. The difficulty level of equations increases from easy to medium to difficult.

In the second part, it covers the descriminant and its uses in finding out the nature of roots, cube roots of unity and related questions, making equation using roots, solving simultaneous equations involving two variables and finally everyday word problems involving quadratic equations.

The lectures start with the beginner level and gradually increase the difficulty level. All students will benefit from it. It even covers the exercises and questions which are usually left for students as home work. Most exercises have already been solved so that student does not have to be worried about their solution.

While designing this course, this has been kept in mind that student get most out of it and doesn’t need any other help.

I hope that it exceed your expectations. I am always here to improve it. I always welcome suggestions to improve my all courses. I keep improving and keep adding the stuff required to enhance the quality of learning.

This course is intended to be bought by parents or guardians who can supervise the account.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn quadratic equations from beginner to expert level

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