Professional Scrum Developer Practice Tests + Explanation

Do These Tests First! Make 100% Sure You Are Ready for PSD | November 2020 scrum guide


Do you want to get PSD certified? Make sure that you are really ready first!

By taking these mock exams you will:

  • Make sure you don’t take the real exam too early
  • Go over the theory that you need to know once more
  • Identify topics you score poorly on, so you can study them again
  • Be well prepared for the real deal

The exams are very similar to the real exam. In the real exam you’ll have to answer 85% of 80 questions correctly in 60 minutes. So mind the time while taking the mock exams to make sure that you won’t expire your timebox (see what I did there) for the exam.

The answers to the questions are explained, so you will definitely learn from them as well. If you fail themock exam, this really means that you are not ready for the actual exam yet. You can expect these questions to appear exactly or very similar in the real exam as well.

These questions are made and selected based on the latest Scrum guide (2020 is the latest, also in 2021). However, the focus of PSD is still on software development, even though the new Scrum guide is way less focussed on software development than the old one. As soon as this changes, this course will get updated as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers
  • Scrum developers
  • Anyone who wants to get their PSD certificate

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