Project Management: Planning Phase of Project Management 21

Project Management: Planning Phase of Project Management 21

Fundamentals of Project Planning & Project Management (PMP) incl. quiz, practical tasks, templates & case stusies

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how projects are defined and a project’s three objectives.
  • Analyze project’s stakeholders for better project management
  • Learn the key stages in the project life cycle and highlight the important features of each stage
  • Recognize the importance of project planning.
  • Describe the components of project planning.
  • Identify task dependencies and sequencing.
  • Describe the difference among types of task dependencies.
  • Determine a project’s critical path and duration.
  • Generate Gantt charts and network diagrams.
  • Determine a project’s scope.
  • This course also includes many project’s examples from real-world, practical assignment, templates and quizzes to make your learning in the topic of project management more productive.

Who this course is for:

  • This course aims at Beginner Level and does NOT include any certification information or neither it teaches specific project management tools.
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