Master Course :Product Strategy Creation & Product Marketing

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Master course in product strategy creation and product marketing

Why is product strategy so important?

Strategy is everywhere. We’re product managers, but what does that mean?

A strategy is just deciding what we want to do and how to do it. Typically, it involves analyzing the situation, hypothesizing what will happen, setting some goals, investigating options, deciding what to do, and documenting it.

You should consider input from several sources when coming up with a product strategy, including customers, sales teams, and competitive analyses. To develop your ideas, they can all provide facts and insights.

Other factors will influence your product strategy. I think it’s most important that it aligns with the overall company strategy. As well as fitting in with any other plans and strategies. Using a specific sales channel or marketing a certain region, for example.

Finally, it needs to work within a business’s capacity and capability constraints, like how much money or resources it has. You have to put in a lot of effort and time to get this done.

Product marketing: what is it? What’s so important about it?

We’re too often focused on the most tactical aspects of marketing today: promotions, contacts, reach, social media marketing, etc. By connecting customer needs and product capabilities, Product Marketing makes sure a product succeeds and grows. Product Marketing is valuable because it understands markets, customers, and what they want.

I’m going to teach these 5 topics in this master’s course

1. What product strategy and product marketing are and why they’re important

2. Roadmap, planning, and operations for product strategy

3. Creating funnels, initiatives, designs, and characteristics for product marketing

4. A framework for product strategy and product marketing strategies in business

5. How to become a product strategy consultant and product marketing specialist

Who this course is for:

  • All UG, PG Business, Marketing students, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners,Startup leaders, Digital marketers
  • Interested learners to learn about the concetps of Product Strategy Creation & Product Marketing

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