Procurement Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Purchase To Pay

Procurement Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Purchase To Pay

Gain expert-level knowledge of world-class operational procurement with this comprehensive overview.

What you’ll learn

  • The purchase to pay process and why it is so important to manage spend in an organisation
  • How supplier payments are handled and how they should be linked to upfront approvals
  • The importance and approach to procurement training, to ensure users are well equipped
  • Catalogues, shopping carts, electronic purchase orders and other concepts
  • Different types of spend compliance and why its important to use these to improve procurement
  • Different ways of matching documents to control the purchase to pay process
  • What a limit order is and how it is used for commodities which cannot be catalogued
  • The importance of the purchase order number and why the supplier must quote it on their invoices
  • Centralised buying can be more efficient, especially when employees are too busy to use purchasing systems
  • How a central payments department receives invoices and makes payments using automated invoice scanning
  • Why its important to link procurement system access to user training certification


  • There are no course requirements of prerequisites

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with an interest in supply chain or procurement and purchasing
  • Employees that are involved in purchasing who want to manage their company’s money better
  • People who wok in suppliers of purchasing organisations


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