Premiere Pro: Video editing Basics to Master- adobe premiere

Feel free take Premiere Pro course, All Video Editing are very well explained in Hindi. Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing


Learn Premiere Pro with kings engineering in Hindi. In this Premiere Pro course we are going to learn Video Editing from scratch an our goal is to be a master Adobe Premiere Pro . This course is in Hindi language so it’s very easy to understand basic concepts and easily understand the problem while we face during the editing. At the completion of the course you definitely mention the Adobe Premiere Pro in your resume. And you are able to edit video. With this knowledge you can start any Learn tool to make projects. If you are new in video editing guaranteed after this Premiere Pro: Video editing Basics to Master- adobe premiere course you will familiar to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro and help you to develop your video editing performance.

From 12th stander and above can be avail this Adobe Premiere Pro course. If you’re in other industry like mechanical or non-IT filed this video is best suitable for you. Basic and essential points are covered in this Adobe Premiere Pro course.

In this course, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to get you started with video creation in Adobe Premiere Pro. From importing and organizing your footage in the library to trimming, transitioning, adding effects, and finally to getting your video ready to post with best export setting.

Feel free to make practice in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro | Video editing.

Topics covered under Premiere Pro: Video editing Basics to Master- adobe premiere Course.

  1. Premiere Pro Introduction
  2. Video Basics
  3. Installation of OBS and Premiere pro
  4. Obs Interface
  5. Premiere pro Interface
  6. Recommended folder structure
  7. Cut tool in short
  8. Sequence and time line
  9. Source panel
  10. Selection tool in premiere pro
  11. Track Selection
  12. Ripple edit rolling edit
  13. Hand Tool
  14. Project
  15. Dummy project
  16. Audio related settings and properties
  17. Effect control panel
  18. Effect Panel-Motion component
  19. Animation
  20. Video Effects
  21. Graphics
  22. How to create mask and its use in video editing
  23. Create watermark on video
  24. Exports settings
  25. How to make intro templet

*Premiere Pro: Video editing Basics to Master- adobe premiere*

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner who want to learn professional video editing
  • B.A, 10th student above can take this course
  • Corporate employee training

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