Practical Cloud Native – Docker and Docker Compose

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Containerize your apps comfortably with docker and docker-compose – 5 years of prod experience in docker on your hands
Easy & quick Cloud native adoption & transformation
Use Docker and Docker Compose as a BOSS
Learn how to containerize any application whatever its programming language
Be familiar with operating docker containers
Get professional tips which helps to do the work at enterprise grade
Be able to secure container images
Be able to deliver High Performance Progressive Web App (PWA)

Become a Cloud Native Expert is the one of the most requested DevOps skills!

  • With ~10 projects
  • With ~5 different technologies
  • With ~90% of Hands-on lectures

After 5+ years of production experience in  Cloud native thru Docker, this course ships my experience thru 10+ projects.

Whether you have never learn about Docker, or want to learn about the advanced features of Containerization, this course is for you !!

Whether you want to get  theories of Docker only, or love Hands-on & getting your hands dirty, this course is for you as well !!

With more than 100 lectures of video comprehensive , the course includes also :

–  assignments

– and Graduation Project.

In this course you will learn everything you need to become a Cloud native/Docker/Docker Compose Pro! Including:

  1. Know the difference between Cloud  vs Cloud Native & its relationship with Docker
  2. How to prepare a Lab Environment to play with containers
  3. Learn the strategy of containerization regardless the technology.
  4. Practice multi-container design patterns: ambassador, sidecars, routers,.. so on.
  5. Smoothly operating docker containers.
  6. Switch from Docker to Docker Compose.
  7. Container As Code : Apply coding best practices when considering Dockerfile/docker-compose.yaml is another file in the source code.
  8. Secure container images
  9. Optimizing Container build , runtime and container image footprint.
  10. Transform Static websites to Cloud Native App.
  11. Transform Single Page App ( React) to Cloud Native App.
  12. Transform Backend App (Java) to Cloud Native App.
  13. Transform Backend App (Go) to Cloud Native App.
  14. Transform Backend app (Python) to Cloud Native App.
  15. Applying some 12factors for a real cloud native implemenation

Graduation PROJECT——

In the Graduation Project section, you will be assigned to transform a three tier application ( React, Go, MongoDB) into a cloud native app using Docker, docker-compose.

In this project, you will get your hands dirty by tackling all topics that you learnt in the previous sections and more.

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied in any way, you’ll get your money back.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this time to upgrade your skills and put Cloud Native on your resume with CONFIDENCE!

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