Yoga for Weight Loss – Power Yoga Certification

Yoga for Weight Loss, Most powerful exercises of Power Yoga to reduce weight, Yoga for Flexibility, Fitness & Strength


This course is made for all those who want to get rid of excess weight. It includes a bundle of proven and most effective exercises of Power Yoga. This course doesn’t have any prerequisite, so it is suitable for all levels of people.

This course is extremely suitable for Yoga Teachers, Students, Practitioners, and all novice people who wants to be in shape.

Every exercise is described considering the beginners and it is extremely easy to follow. I recommend you to start the practices slowly considering your body limits and increase the movement as your body allows you. Kindly pay attention to the alignment and breathing which is precisely explained in all the video lessons. Breathing is equally important as your movement so make sure you inhale and exhale as told in the lessons.

Don’t miss reading the documents attached as it includes the indications and contraindications. There are few exercise that should not be practiced by all considering certain medical conditions. During each practice feel your body and check how it reacts. If you feel severe pain in any exercise kindly get back to normal position. Anyhow, feeling mild pain while stretching is absolutely normal.

Join this course and start your practice today. In case of any query feel free to reach out to me.

Priyanka Goyal

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for all those who wants to be in shape
  • This is perfect course for Yoga Teachers, Students, Practitioners to improve their knowledge.

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