Photography & Copyright: A Complete guide for photographers

Photography & Copyright: A Complete guide for photographers

What photographers should know for the protection of their photos

What you’ll learn

  • This course will help every photographer to gain the necessary knowledge how to use copyright in order to protect and profits from his or her photos
  • You will understand why copyright is important in the case of photography as a whole
  • This course will present you with the requirement for copyright protection, how it arises and what is the term of protection
  • You will learn what are the particular rights that every photographer has over an image
  • You will learn what is fair use of photographs
  • You will learn some rules and tips which prevent the photographer from facing legal proceedings when taking photos
  • The course will give information on what photographers can do to protect their images on the Internet
  • You will learn how a photographer can make business based on copyright or creative common licenses and assignment agreements
  • You will learn what are the most essential elements of the copyright licenses
  • You will learn what is a copyright infringement and how photographers can enforce their rights in such cases


  • No prior knowledge is required
  • No specific materials are required for this course
  • You need a laptop, internet connection and a browser
  • Good understanding of English language

Who this course is for:

  • Individual photographers
  • Photograph agencies
  • Marketing agencies and experts
  • Different artists, designers and freelancers
  • Everyone with an interest in the field of using or selling photos


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