Personal Financial Management using Excel Template

Personal Financial Management using Excel Template

Monitor your Income & Expense; Categorize and Visualize your Expenditure; Set a spending limits; Income based budgeting

What you’ll learn

  • Personal Budgeting

  • Personal Finance

  • Budgeting Template
  • Able to work on Excel (beginner level works)
  • Access to Personal Financial Statements
  • Do you exactly know where you are spending your money on and in which category (example transportation, housing, etc.)?

  • Do you know how much money you should spend in each category to keep your financial status healthy based on your income level?

  • Do you have a fixed budget for monthly spending?

If you are unsure of these mentioned points, then this is the right course for you. Whether you are in debt or out of debt, or if you don’t have a budget to meet your financial goal, then no one is going to succeed financially.

I have kept this course concise and point to point. I will teach you the importance of budgeting and provide you a dynamic Excel Template where you will bring over your transaction-level details and categorize them. The template will do all other calculations and provide you a summary that will help you to rethink your spending behavior. I will teach you how much you should spend in each category, depending on your income level. I will explain in-depth how to use the template and things that are customizable to meet your goal.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in understanding personal budgeting
  • Anyone who wants to manage their personal finances with a simple Template
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