Personal Finance #6-Housing: Purchase vs Renting

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Home strategies for making personal housing decisions from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
How to make the home, rent vs buy, decision
Process for selecting an apartment
How to analyze a lease agreement
Steps for purchasing a home
How to buy a home remotely
How to finance a first time home
How to apply for a mortgage loan
Describe the escrow process
Explain the difference between a loan officer and mortgage broker
List and describe warranties
Perform a loan estimate
Explain the home appraisal process
Define title and explain why it is important
Explain FHA Single Family Title II
Describe mortgage points and how to make decisions related to them
Describe Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)
Explain what a second mortgage is and when it would be useful

The course will focus on personal housing decisions.

The course will discuss how to approach the decision of purchasing or renting a home, which can be very complex given the long-term investment nature of a home purchase, the high cost relative to other expenses, and the different time frames between renting and purchasing.

We will discuss decisions related to renting, like selecting an apartment and analyzing the lease agreement.

Learners will understand concepts related to the home purchasing process. We will discuss the options for buying a home remotely, the importance of an inspection, the time frame to buy a home, and home buying apps that can be useful in the home buying process.

The course will also cover financing basics for first-time homebuyers, how to apply for a mortgage, what a mortgage clause is, and describe the escrow process.

We will compare a loan officer and a mortgage broker. Learners will understand different loan characteristics and much more.

The course will also have practice problems, including downloadable Excel Workbooks, which users may also open using Google Sheets.

The Excel Workbooks will generally have at least two tabs. One tab will have the answer key so learners can deconstruct the problem. The second tab is where we work the practice problem step-by-step along with the instructional videos.

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