Nanotechnology : Introduction, Essentials, and Opportunities

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Nanotechnology : Introduction, Essentials, and Opportunities

Complete Package to Learn Nano Technology; NanoMaterials, NanoSensors, Application, Simulation, Fabrication, NanoDegrees

What you’ll learn

  • All aspects of Nanotechnology in plain language
  • What is Nanotechnology, how it works, why Nanotechnology is booming and what’s in for YOU!
  • You get deep perception of NanoWorld; definition, timeline, benefits, products, applications. Nano’s in nature and Nano-Economy and job market
  • About what makes Nanotechnology special and how unique properties of nanomaterials would lead to invention of extraordinary products and solutions
  • You’ll go through a fascinating journey to learn about variety of nanomaterials: Quantum Dots, Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Buckyballs, Nano: Composites | Polymers | Fibers | Coating (thin film)
  • How nanoparticles are observed; You discover how Microscopy and Spectroscopy instruments are implemented to characterize Nano’s. NT toolkits like: Scanning Electron/Tunneling/Force Microscopes, X-ray, UV-Vis, and Raman shift
  • How Nano-Systems are fabricated; Top-down Lithography methods-> Photo/X-ray/Electron beam/Ion beam/Soft/Nanoimprint/Scanning Probe/Dip Pen. Bottom-up methods: Physical/Chemical Vapor Deposition and Self-Assembly
  • What could be your best actions after this course. How to find Nano-programs and become a Nanotechnologist
  • You’ll be introduced to external resources, where you can discover latest achievements, funding/job opportunities and establish your Nano-network
  • Run and work with nanostructure simulators for electronic properties of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes
  • About Safety and Risk Issues of Nanotechnology


  • Absolutely no requirement. Everyone is welcome to discover NanoWorld!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone that wants to learn about Nanotechnology;
  • Everyone who is curious to know: How Nanotechnology works, What makes this technology unique and How your life or profession would be influenced by NT
  • Students who are thinking to discover more of Nanotechnology and understand Nano’s atmosphere
  • Whoever needs to learn fundamentals of Nanotechnology and get started with Nano-Programs or Nano-Researches
  • Every pioneer who aim to grasp insightful vision of Nanotechnology to be able to come up with Nano-ideas and implement Nano products and solutions in their business, services or expertise
  • Everyone interested in knowing about Nanostructures (Nanotubes, Nanowires, NanoParticles) and also extraordinary nanomaterials like Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Quantum Dots, Buckyballs, Thin film and…
  • Whoever wants to learn how Nanotechnologists observe and manipulate at the atomic scale and what’s the power of Nanotechnology that enable them to invent super cool products like self-cleaning ever-dry textiles!
  • Whoever passionate to know about potential solutions and applications of Nanotechnology in different sectors of human life. From energy harvesting, addressing climate change to drug delivery, nanoelectronics and many more…
  • Whoever interested in Nano related topics such as: Nano-Engineering, Nano-Medicine, Nano-Robots, Nano-Products, Nano-Economy, Nano-Fabrication, Nano-Toolkits, Nano-Concerns, Nano-Simulation, and Nano-Study/Jobs
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