Modeling: Beyond the Runway

Modeling: Beyond the Runway

Tips and tricks from the fashion modeling
What you’ll learn

  • How to become a model

  • Find out what type of model you are

  • How to get a representation

  • Contract with mother agency review

  • Make up and outfits for open calls and castings.

  • Tips and tricks on how to build your modeling portfolio faster

  • Work ethic on set

  • Modeling markets and difference between them

  • Strategy for a model during Fashion Week

  • Instagram rules for models

  • Q&A with a model
  • No, just a positive attitude:)

Do you want to become a fashion model but don’t know how to make it or you are a parent that dreams about a child’s modeling future? Maybe, you just curious about this industry and always wanted to find out what is out there?

I created “Modeling: Beyond the Runway” for you. I’ll explain to you how this business works and guide you through the process of getting representation and then your first contract abroad. You’ll be able to understand which instruments are the most valuable in this modeling and what will bring you success. Also, I invited a mother agent with 22 years of experience in managing models worldwide to this program, which will share her honest opinion about different modeling markets. Additionally, we’ll go over a standard modeling contract and talk in detail about each chapter.

This course will help you to understand what type of model you are and how you can become successful in modeling industry.

I’ll share with you my personal experience and knowledge that I built up through 13 years of international modeling and will teach you how to build modeling portfolio without money. We’ll go over some crucial moments like what to do during fashion week, what attitude to have on set. All this and much more will be on this course.

I enjoy helping. I always answer to people who reach out via Instagram or Facebook  to me with questions related to modeling business, and  I try my best to guide them. That’s why I created this course, so more people would be able to get access to this inside information and understand better the industry.

Who this course is for:
  • People who want to become models
  • Models who are looking for a transition in their career
  • Models who want to travel abroad
  • Parents of children who want to become models
  • New agencies
  • People who are curios about modeling business
  • People who want to enter an entertainment industry
  • Someone who has positive attitude, communication skills and looks great on camera
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