Mindfulness Modern Approach to Meditation in 2023

A course of mindfulness meditations that will teach you through experiencing mindfulness to create your own meditation


Mindfulness Meditation is a modern form of meditation and this is a learn by doing course that will give you the same benefits emotionally psychologically and spiritually along with all the health benefits. However the process is very different in that instead of struggling to get to the no thought state that true mediators want you focus on an object in the moment any object.

So there are no limitations to the object you decide to focus all your attention on and it is the focusing all of your attention is the key to getting the full benefits of mindfulness. Because most everything we do and even when we are doing it we are not truly focusing all our attention in the moment or the process because we tend to let our minds wander to outcome of what we are doing or to past or future problems or even happy thoughts and ideas, but in doing this we miss the pure moment of the present as we can experience it.

Now when I say as we can experience it I say this because to some degree we are always in the past even when we are totally focused in the present moment because it has be scientifically proven that there is a delay between any outside stimulus through our eyes ears nose taste or sense of touch as it comes from the subconscious mind through to conscious awareness.

But having said that with mindfulness and what you will experience through the six different mindful experiences you will experience here you are going to be living in the conscious minds full experience of living in the moment.

The six guided mindfulness meditations you are about to experience will teach you six different ways you can use mindfulness and once you get a full idea of the process you will be able to create a mindful experience that suits your taste and lifestyle.

Now it has to be said the more you practice mindfulness the more you teach your brain a new skill of being present in the moment and the more this happens the more joy you will feel from any positive experience and the lessons to be learned for negative experiences.

Mindfulness Meditations Included in this course are:

  1. The Coffee Meditation
  2. The Chocolate Meditation
  3. The Raisin Mediation
  4. The Body Scan Meditation
  5. The Food Meditation
  6. The Personal Power Meditation

All of these mindfulness meditations will have a Mp3 download in the resources area

You also get an additional meditation of loving kindness meditation that I have added to help you send give others and yourself more loving kindness.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in experiencing the benefits of meditation in everyday life without the difficulties of trying to achieve a no thought state of mind used in traditional meditation

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