Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Meditation & Exercises Sampler

Mindfulness Meditation And Other Practices For Relief Of Depression, Anxiety, Stress Lite Course


Do you feel the pressure of stress? Do you have anxious thoughts and feel overwhelmed? Are you depressed over your current situation? Many of us are. Especially with the recent events around the world. Therapy is, of course, and option.

But this course offers practical effective methods you can use, at home, to deal with many of these feelings.

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You will learn about:

What is stress?

How our breath can reduce our stress, anxiety, and depression

The importance of what we eat for our overall health

The benefit of natural healing such as essential oils

How to process our emotions in a safe way through journaling

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Who this course is for:

  • A desire To ease Symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression


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