MERN stack complete Blog Application from scratch 2022

Learn, Apply, Build a Blog Project using Redux (Redux Toolkit), NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, React js, Tailwindcss


Course description:

This course is all about managing the state in react application using the redux toolkit. Each topic included in this course is added incrementally, to make sure that you have a solid foundation of knowledge. You’ll find plenty of discussions added in to help you understand exactly when and where to use

What will you build?

  • Learn how to create a real-world blog application with a bunch of features
  • Develop Node Js API from scratch
  • How to implement react js logic to real-world application
  • Understand backend authentication
  • Learn how to upload files to Cloudinary
  • Learn how to block and unblock a user
  • Learn how to block a user by the application if the post the user is creating contains sum profane words
  • Learn how to resize images on the server-side
  • Learn how to implement forget password functionality
  • Learn how to implement follow and unfollow a user
  • Learn how to manage state in react using redux (redux toolkit)
  • How to implement account verification using a token
  • Learn how to implement sending Emails using Sendgrid
  • How to implement user management
  • Learn how to implement like and dislike of a post

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers looking to master MERN Stack
  • Developers who want to move from the traditional way of writing redux application
  • Engineers who have researched React but have had trouble mastering some concepts

Who this course is for:

  • Any Developer who wants to master how to create MERN Stack projects
  • Any Developer who wants to master how to create node js API
  • Any Developer who wants to use redux (Redux toolkit) in their application
  • Any Developer who wants to develop real world application

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