Mastering Entity Framework Code First Approach

Mastering Entity Framework Code First Approach

Learn to leverage the benefits of Entity Framework Code First

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to master EF Code First Concepts including EF Convention using data annotation and Fluent API, EF Code First Migrations, Calling Stored procedures and functions using EF Code First approach and Relationships.
  • To start this course, you should be familiar with Visual Studio and SQL Server.

Entity Framework Code First approach enables developers to work in an object-oriented fashion. Learn to leverage the EF code first concepts including EF conventions, data annotation attributes, code first migrations, CRUD operations using ASP.NET MVC, calling stored procedure and functions, handling output parameters and multi resultsets in the stored procedure. Further, learn to define database mappings using Entity Framework code first.

Who this course is for:
  • .NET Developers, MVC5 Developers and .NET Beginners
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