Master Windows 10 and get your dream IT JOB

Master Windows 10 and get your dream IT JOB

Learn Windows 10 and your can get job as Level 1 ( Desktop Engineering or Help Desk or IT Support )

What you’ll learn

  • Will learn everything about windows 10

  • Make Disk Partition

  • User Management

  • Understand C Drive

  • Recycle Bin

  • Add Share folder or Printer

  • Control Panel & Settings

  • The security database on the server does not have a computer ( most common issue )

  • Replace the hard disk or backup from dead laptop

  • Cannot join the domain

  • Change the hard disk from the Server

  • Changing Tape Library Server Storage

  • Install Active Directory on Windows 10
  • Just need PC to practice after me

This course in 2020 will teach you how to become a get an IT JOB. Here I shall provide almost everything about Windows 10 and how is work.

Will learn how to work with control panel and settings and other setting and manage folders

Hope you will enjoy the course ,

Windows 10 in 2020

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wants to learn windows and wants to get an IT JOB
  • Training for Desktop support , Help Desk , support Engineering


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