Master Java Collection Framework

Master Java Collection Framework

Create Powerful Java Applications and Solve Real World Problems using Java Collection Framework

What you’ll learn

  • Collection Interfaces
  • Types of Data Structures
  • ArrayList Class
  • LinkedList Class
  • Iterator, ListIterator and Spliterator
  • Queue and Stack
  • ArrayDeque Class
  • PriorityQueue Class
  • Map Classes
  • How Hashing Works
  • HashMap Class
  • LinkedHashMap Class
  • TreeMap Class
  • EnumMap, WeakHashMap and IdentityHashMap Classes
  • HashSet Class
  • LinkedHashSet Class
  • TreeSet Class
  • Collection Algorithms
  • Concurrent Collection Classes
  • Legacy Collection Classes – Vector/Properties/HashTable Classes


  • Basic knowledge of Java & Object Oriented Programming
  • If you are a MacOS or Linux user, You should know how to install JDK from the Given steps

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java Developers who intends to Master Collection Framework
  • Java Developers who wants to refresh their Collection Framework Knowledge and Concepts
  • Anyone who wants to learn Java Collection Framework
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