Manifesting power of mind and heart| Life design course 1

Manifesting power of mind and heart| Life design course 1

Tap into the true power of your heart and mind and create a beautiful life for yourself and others.

What you’ll learn

  • Tap into the manifesting power of the mind

  • Learn the true power of being a human being

  • Meditation techniques to purify mind and heart

  • Powerful breathing techniques to create health, focus and strength

  • Several movement practices to open up and strengthen
  • Internet access
  • Willingness to learn
  • An open mind

Your state of heart determines how you perceive your reality, what you choose in life and the situations you create for yourself . There is such a tremendous, God given power within. Your mind is the most powerful tool you will ever need to create a magnificent life for yourself and others.
Unfortunately, most people are not using this tool, but they are being lived by a restless mind and a turbulent emotional system. When there are blockages, tensions, negative emotions, restlessness etc. stuck in the mind and heart, it will project those states of being into your life.

This is a 3 part course in which you  learn the powerful techniques to clean, energise and harmonise heart and mind to tap into the power and use it in the best possible way. Create peace, richness and wisdom and manifest a meaningful life for yourself and others to create a beautiful world.

Real change in this world will happen from within.

In this course you will learn several breathing techniques like:

– Energy Awakening Spinal Breathing
– Ocean breath
– ‘Cleansing of the heart’ breath
– Energy rising breath
– Third eye breathing

You will learn several physical exercises to open up and strengthen mind and body.
– 5 Tibetan rites
– 5 minute opening up and cleansing practice
– Yoga asana session
– QiGong movement practice

You will learn several meditation techniques like:

– Creating acceptance and connection with the Now
– Cleansing of the heart
– Focus the mind
– Ho’oponopono. A Hawaiian cleansing technique to reset and cleanse the emotional system and mind
– Generating gratitude and forgiveness
– Tapping into the power of manifestation
– and more techniques

Take back the God given power that you have within and start shining light into this world.

Who this course is for:
  • People that want to train their minds to create a better life and a better world
  • Learn to use the minds full potential
  • Clear and strengthen heart and mind
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