Management Skills – Unleash and Enhance Part 2

Learn, Apply, Check and Achieve Your Own Target levels of Managerial Competencies


This Program is DIFFERENT from other management programs as it can be tailor made for an individual manager without any external help.

How? This program uses Personalized Coaching approach to improve Managerial Competencies. This program acknowledges that each manager is different and unique and therefore it needs a specific competency improvement plan suitable for every manager. For example, one manager may be good at Time Management but may lack in Team Management. This program recognizes such differences and enables each manager to IDENTIFY the improvement needed for a given Competency. It goes beyond and guides the manager to improve competency to the REQUIRED LEVEL measured by Metrics.

It covers Key competencies – Adaptability, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Delegating to equip a manager do better in the given role.

Who decides target level of improvement in a competency? It is YOU. Who decides current level of competency? It is YOU. Who decides progress made? It is again YOU.

How do you arrive at level of improvement needed? YOU decide it based on your current role’s performance targets and associated metrics.

How do you ensure the outcome? Simply follow the flow of this program, complete the assignments, review the progress every 15 days and you are done!!

Who this course is for:

  • All Managers with People Management Responsibilities for their Teams
  • If you are willing to excel in your managerial role
  • If you want to improve your managerial competencies faster than your peers and superiors

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