Let’s Make Stardew Valley Or Harvest Moon Farming Kind Game

ENGLISH : Lets Make Stardew Valley Or Harvest Moon Kind of Game [Farming, Seasons, Relation, House, Cooking Etc…]


So far this series I decided why not let all know, that they can make very nice games for pc and mobile without any coding or drawing knowledge and they can make it, all you need is just a very good story and the gut’s to start. Yes believe in me you can make the game, and for that, I decided to use this RPG Maker MV software to show you what is potential of this software with just your idea u can make great things.

In this Video tutorials we are going to learn about the RPG Maker MV software and also after learning thing in this software we are going to make the actual game.

I believe you would love this series and mainly this series is in the English Language for the all peoples.

And I am always there to support you with your game making even you have any questions just ask me I will be there always to answer you.

I Decided to put this lecture series in main 3 sections :

1) Basic understanding about the software : In this section, I will try to explain the software and its tools and basic functions.

2) Making Game : In this section, I will explain every thing with prototype or just examples of every systems and thing but not

Actual Game.

3) Actual Game : In this section, Since I have explain the whole software to you, this will be very big section, cause in here we

are going to make actual game. Where we are going to use every single thing from above 2 sections we learned.

Thank you!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Game Developers, Any One Interested In Games Or Any One Who Want To Make Game
  • Every One Who Love The Game

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