Excel VBA – Make Excel Look Like a Standalone Program 2022

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Convert any Excel sheet into a user-friendly interface in 30 minutes using Excel VBA without any programming experience.

Change any Excel sheet to a user-friendly interface that looks like an independent computer program.

Use Excel VBA to make automated changes to a specific Excel spreadsheet.

Use existing VBA modules to automate a complicated task in a few seconds.

Create and customize Excel buttons and their functions.

Protect the formulas and contents of your Excel spreadsheet.

Impress your colleagues by improving the interfaces of Excel sheets that you use on a daily basis.


You may have needed to create your own program based on an idea that you had in mind, but the challenge has always been that learning a programming language can be a long process that consumes A LOT OF TIME!!

Using Microsoft Excel can make this process much simpler, especially when you can make your Excel spreadsheet have the interface of a Standalone Computer Program.

In this course, you will learn how to achieve this goal by applying all the steps you’ll need to learn on an actual Excel sheet. We made sure that every lecture is straight to the point to make this course as short as possible to save your time while still providing you with what you’re looking for. So, you’ll basically learn how to do this within about 30 minutes.

Recent Student Reviews

  • This is an excellent course with a great instructor, I have learned so much from it. I particularly enjoyed that the content is very well organised, focused, instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I don’t have any programming experience and I feel very excited and proud that I was able to create my own standalone programme by just following these instructions simultaneously. I really enjoyed the quizzes as well.” — Dina A
  • I am really enjoying this course so far. The instructions are very clear and I have already made so much progress on my excel workbook. I never knew that I could transform a simple excel sheet to look like a standalone program. I have just completed the whole course and I can’t believe the whole process took so little time. Literally, after half an hour I have already transformed an excel sheet to look completely different. As long as you open up your excel document and follow the instructions to the dot, I don’t see how anyone can get it wrong. I am really impressed! Thank you for the clear instructions and making everything to the point!” — Aydana
  • Very simple tips which can be memorized easily to reach the goal of the video What I really liked that each video is for specific purpose with maximum 5 mins duration which allowed me to apply immediately after each video And the amazing part that it takes only 30 mins to reach the goal.” — Mostafa

What will I learn when I take this course?

  • How to write Excel VBA codes that perform automated tasks.
  • Change the interface of any Excel sheet to a user-friendly interface that looks like an independent computer program.
  • Create and customize Excel buttons and their functions using Excel VBA.
  • Change your Excel sheet icon to make it seem like a standalone program on the outside.

Now is your chance to learn how to do all of this within 30 minutes! ENROLL NOW to not miss this opportunity to impress your colleagues with your program interface!

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