Machine Learning – Regression and Classification (math Inc.)

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Machine Learning – Regression and Classification (math Inc.)

A complete Beginner to Advance level guide to Machine Learning. Hands-on Learning approach with in-depth math concepts

What you’ll learn

  • Understand and implement a Decision Tree in Python
  • Understand about Gini and Information Gain algorithm
  • Solve mathematical numerical related decision trees
  • Learn about regression trees
  • Learn about simple, multiple, polynomial and multivariate regression
  • Learn about Ordinary Least Squares Algorithms
  • Solve numerical related to Ordinary Least Squares algorithm
  • Learn to create real world predictions and classification projects
  • Learn about Gradient Descent
  • Learn about Logistic Regression and hyper parameters

Who this course is for:

  • Seasonal and Beginners Python developers who want to learn about different AI and ML algorithms
  • Students who want to learn all the mathematics behind popular regression and classification models
  • Students who want to learn to implement data science libraries to solve real world Machine Learning problems
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