Machine Learning 2021: Practical Regression Analysis in R

Machine Learning 2021: Practical Regression Analysis in R

Learn Complete Hands-On Regression Analysis in R for Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Data Science, Deep Learning

What you’ll learn

  • Your comprehensive guide to Regression Analysis & supervised machine learning using R-programming language
  • Graphically representing data in R before and after analysis
  • It covers the theory and applications of supervised machine learning with the focus on regression analysis using the R-programming language in R-Studio
  • Implement Ordinary Least Square (or simple linear) regression, Random FOrest Regression, Decision Trees, Logistic regression and others using R
  • Perform model’s variable selection and assess regression model’s accuracy
  • Build machine learning based regression models and test their performance in R
  • Compare different different machine learning models for regression tasks in R
  • Learn how to select the best statistical & machine learning model for your task
  • Learn when and how machine learning models should be applied
  • Carry out coding exercises & your independent project assignment


  • Availabiliy computer and internet & strong interest in the topic

Who this course is for:

  • The course is ideal for professionals who need to use regression analysis & supervised machine learning in their field
  • Everyone who would like to learn Data Science Applications In The R & R Studio Environment
  • Everyone who would like to learn theory and implementation of Regression Analysis & Machine Learning On Real-World Data
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