Locators, XPath Expressions, CSS Selectors and Locator Tools

Locators, XPath Expressions, CSS Selectors and Locator Tools

Includes the creation of complex XPath Expressions and CSS Selectors from scratch and many more

What you’ll learn

  • HTML Basics required for understanding or learning Locators

  • Locator concepts, Types and choosing Locators

  • Creating XPath Expressions from scratch on the fly

  • Creating CSS Selectors from scratch on the fly

  • FireBug and FirePath Alternatives for auto-generating the Locators
  • Basic knowledge about software usage

This course covers all the below topics in detail:

HTML Basics that are required for learning and understanding different types of Locators

  1. Locator concepts

  2. Types of Locators

  3. Creating Complex XPath Expressions from scratch

  4. Creating Complex CSS Selectors from scratch

  5. FireBug and FirePath Alternative tools for Locators Auto-generation

By the end of this course you will be able to create reliable, stable and complex Locators for locating UI elements on the web pages.

This course is for the Test Automation engineers who want to create better and ‘easier to maintain’ locators.

Check the course contents for more details.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who are new to Selenium Automation
  • Beginners aspiring to learn different Locators
  • If you want to learn all the Locators to be used in Selenium Automation in detail, complete and from scratch


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