Let A Brother Teach You: Math – Intermediate Algebra I

Let A Brother Teach You: Math – Intermediate Algebra I

Basic to Medium Level Algebra
What you’ll learn

  • Basic Algebra Concepts
  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Operating with Negative Numbers

In this first installment of the “Let A Brother Teach You” series, we’ll take a look at a lot of the topics and concepts that are covered in your usual First Year Algebra course. We will cover some of the basics in the first few lessons before we get into the crucial ideas that once you master, will help make your learning experience in higher Math courses go more smoothly. What I want you take away from this course is the solid ability to; use the basic operations on Integers & Variables, how to solve simple and more complex equations using a combination of different operations, how to understand the key parts of using the 2-D Coordinate Plane to graph Linear Equations, use the techniques learned to solve Linear Equations and apply them to Linear Inequalities, learn to graph Linear Inequalities and how to find the right solutions, learn about Systems of Linear Equations & how to use different methods to find their Solution Sets, and briefly getting into Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities.  I hope that after taking this course, students will be prepared for my next course “Intermediate Algebra II” and future higher level Math courses that I plan to create.

Who this course is for:
  • Younger students (8th and 9th grade who have an interest in developing their math skills)
  • Older students (who may be going back to school and need a refresher on some of the basic concepts_
  • Any student who wants to support a brand new and unique series of courses, that strays away from what the “standard” is


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