Lego Customs Course: Create My Own Creation MOC Lego Sets


Lego Customs Course: Create My Own Creation MOC Lego Sets


This is the class to enroll if you want to learn how to profit with selling your custom lego creations known as MOC which stand for My Own Creations. You can buy any lego set great creative and make money even with small amount of pieces. Did you know that with a bit of imagination and a little of creativity you can make money with selling your own lego creations online.

In this class you will learn how to make money with selling Lego custom sets. First part of the class will focus on where to  get the parts, second where to sell and list and last part how to build a few sample lego custom sets to resale for a profit.  Learn how to start your own profitable lego business with start a shop in Etsy and also in eBay.

This is easy to do, learn and get start with a little imagination and creativity you can go a long way. I will also show you in this class my own lego shop and also included are a few examples of creations you can attempt to build yourself and sell at a profit. Pieces for those creation prototypes can be bought from my shop or found online at the suggested sites.

Course Includes the Following

How to open Etsy & eBay shops

Where to find discount lego parts

Guide to making money with lego

Five examples of custom lego mocs

40 Free Etsy Listings to start

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