learn the most common English idioms

teacher Ibrahim teaches you idioms and expressions in a very special way.


Welcome to our course ” master the most common idioms”

this course is designed for anyone who wants to know more about English by learning idioms and expressions.

if you don’t understand something don’t think twice just let me know.

don’t watch all the lessons in a row, take it easy and go step by step.

remember this “practice makes perfect” that’s why with each section you have a bunch of exercises to do.

In this course you will study so many famous idioms and expressions, I made a course that will make your speech sound more native and when you talk to others, they will feel that your English level is outstanding.

what you will learn?

  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with knowledge
  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with understanding
  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with memory
  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with mind
  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with communicating
  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with priorities
  • Idioms and expressions that have to do with decisions

You can use the following tips and tricks to memorize idioms:

  • Tip 1: Do not limit yourself to meanings alone, understand contexts: Try and understand in what context a particular idiom or phrase has been used. This will help you understand and remember the particular idiom or phrase better.
  • Tip 2: Keep a handy list for revising what you have learnt: Keep a diary to learn words on the go. This will not make learning a chore. In fact, these days you don’t even need to carry a diary. You can simply note down the idioms and their meanings in a notepad app on your smart-phone and revise it on the go.
  • Tip 3: Do not try to cram at once: Never try and learn too many idioms or phrase at the same time. However, learning them by grouping them into themes is quite a good idea.
  • Relate idioms and phrases to visual imagery: Try and relate idioms and phrases to images and link them to stories. Trust us, you will never forget them!
    • Try to explore the origin of idioms & phrases: Most idioms & phrases have very interesting origin stories. You should try to explore them as these would enable you to understand the meanings of these idioms and phrases better. In the exercise for this lesson, the origin of some idioms and phrases has been explained. These would serve as a guide for you.

Who this course is for:

  • English learners
  • English students
  • learning English
  • speaking English
  • Anyone who wants to take their English skills to the next level.
  • anyone who wants to understand native speakers
  • anyone who wants to get knowledge about idioms and expressions
  • Étudiants anglais
  • अंग्रेजी छात्र
  • Englische Studenten

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