Learn Norwegian for Beginners in 150 Lessons (A1 & A2 Level)

Learn Norwegian for Beginners in 150 Lessons (A1 & A2 Level)

Express yourself in everyday situations like a native Norwegian speaker. Learn grammar, vocabulary, and fun dialogues!

What you’ll learn

  • Speak Norwegian confidently in common everyday situations
  • Understand Norwegian when it’s spoken at a natural pace
  • The correct pronunciation of tricky Norwegian words
  • Reading texts in Norwegian
  • Introduce yourself in Norwegian
  • Make smalltalk in Norwegian
  • Talk in the third person in Norwegian
  • Talk about studies/university in Norwegian
  • Make plans and arrange a meeting in Norwegian
  • Order food and drink at a cafe in Norwegian
  • Use Norwegian to describe routine
  • Talk about public transport in Norwegian
  • As for directions in Norwegian
  • Talk about vacations in Norwegian
  • Buy clothes in Norwegian
  • Talk about weather and seasons in Norwegian


  • No prior Norwegian knowledge needed!
  • An interest in learning Norwegian!

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners looking to take their first step towards Norwegian mastery
  • Students who have already learned basic Norwegian and want to sharpen their skills
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