Learn Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Essentials for the Real World


Advanced Microsoft Excel empowers participants with key skills to create and edit worksheets, implement formulas and functions, and sort and filter detailed data with tables and slicers. Visualize the numbers in a consumable and professional format analyzing data with charting, conditional formatting, sparklines, pivot tables and printing.

Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to create and develop Excel worksheets and workbooks so you can begin to analyze critical business data.
This course empowers you to:

  • Write a range of fundamental Excel commands
  • Perform worksheet calculations
  • Build custom formulas
  • Amend elements in a worksheet
  • Apply formatting changes to cells
  • Manage workbook properties

In this Microsoft Excel training, you will learn to:

  • Efficiently navigate and manipulate worksheets and workbooks.
  • Implement an income and expense statement with formulas, functions, and names.
  • Design a reusable data entry template that protects formulas.
  • Implement conditional formatting to analyze sales information.
  • Connect, prepare, and validate data employing editing tools, formulas, and Flash Fill.
  • Identify, sort, and select detailed data with tables and slicers.
  • Present and analyze data with conditional formatting, charting, sparklines, and printing parameters.
  • Construct IF functions that make decisions – present results visually.
  • Analyze summary data with PivotTables and implement a quick dashboard.
  • How print

Anyone who wants to increase their digital literacy and start using Microsoft Excel to perform basic tasks in the workplace.

Who this course is for:

  • Excel will make you better at your job (no matter what that is) Investment bankers and accountants aren’t the only ones who rely on Excel; scientists, teachers, business owners, graphic designers, and so many other people turn to the program for help

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