Learn Java and Artificial Intelligence Programming Tools

Learn Java and Artificial Intelligence Programming Tools

Get to know the basics of Java programming with a touch of futuristic Artificial Intelligence coding tools and concepts

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Java Programming Language
  • Past, Present and Future of Java
  • Benefits of using Java
  • Practical Examples of using Java
  • Creating a Java Applet
  • Concept of Object Oriented Programming Language
  • Polymorphism Concept in Java and its various types
  • Terminologies in Java Inheritance
  • Encapsulation in Java, Advantages of Abstraction and Object in Java
  • Methods in Java that include Declaration and Signature with practical examples
  • Message Passing in Java
  • Java Strings and Examples
  • Array in Java and Processing of Array
  • Java Collection Hierarchy
  • Java Stream, examples and use cases
  • Exception Handling in Java
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programming Tools and Websites in Java and other programming languages


  • You must know at least the basics of how to use a PC, and should be able to start a command line shell on your own.
  • Knowledge of C++ or any other Object-Oriented language, is a plus.
  • Interest and passion to learn Java and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and concepts in programming is needed.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for absolute beginners to Java programming with no previous coding experience
  • This course is for Java coders and computer science students to further master their skills by learning Artificial Intelligence Programming Tools and Concepts
  • This course is for anyone looking to learn Java and master the programming language to the core


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