Learn Hebrew Across Israel – Home

Learn Hebrew Across Israel – Home

Have a Taste From “Learn Hebrew Across Israel”

What you’ll learn

  • Huge step towards mastering Modern Hebrew
  • Read Hebrew (with vowel signs)
  • Recognise Handwritten Hebrew (Optional)
  • Motivation & Love for the Hebrew Language

Shalom – שלום!

We believe in spreading the Hebrew language, and we also love Israel, that is why we’ve created the best online – worldwide Hebrew learning experience out there.

This short course is a taste of the huge “Learn Hebrew Across Israel” courses experience.

In this course you will learn Conversational Modern Hebrew.


  • We will show you a Hebrew conversation (Subtitled with Vowel Signed Hebrew + English translation).
  • For this conversation, you can download the full script (in Hebrew / English / Hebrew-English transliteration), with 2 versions:
    • B&W script – for you to print and practice with.
    • Colored script – to easy navigate between Hebrew words and their meaning.
  • As well, you can download a word by word acoustic-studio clear and slow recorded MP3 audio file.
  • After the conversation, we will get back to the studio, and analyse each and every sentence we said there, with pro tips, and handwritten Hebrew.

Also includes:

  • Interactive Quizzes.
  • Support and answers from our 2 Hebrew Instructors (Creators of Hebrew For Beginners Udemy Bestseller), Guy Ben-Moshe & Itzik Pinhasov.

Join us, we are waiting for you 🙂

Thank you for learning Hebrew – תודה שאתה לומד עברית.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with an interest to learn Hebrew
  • Anyone who would like to get better with Conversational Modern Hebrew
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