Learn English Idioms and Expressions with Diana

Learn English Idioms and Expressions with Diana

Learn English Idioms and Expressions to Speak English Fluently | Learn English Idioms and Sound Like a Native Speaker

What you’ll learn

  • English idioms, expressions and vocabulary

  • Idioms and expressions in a fun easy way!

  • Beautiful British English with native English speaker Diana
  • Basic to intermediate English
  • Students who want to learn in a fun easy way
  • People who would love to be fluent in English

Do you want to speak English fluently?
Would you like to travel and explore the world, make new friends, visit new countries…?
Would you like to have all the amazing opportunities of people who can speak English fluently?

My name is Diana, and I help people learn English idioms in an easy, fun way!

English Idioms are really important because you need them to understand native speakers. Native English speakers use English idioms all the time and very naturally in English conversation.

Not just this… English idioms can make you special – they make your spoken English language sound more native and more fluent.

When people hear you using the English idioms you learn in this course, they will be amazed at your ability to speak like a native English speaker.

I love to teach English idioms because they seem so confusing to people who want to learn English and speak English fluently… They can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for English learners who don’t have the right teacher.

For example, look at the following sentence:
“She wants to go cold turkey to stop smoking.”
You understand cold and you understand turkey.
But what is the connection between cold and turkey and “to stop smoking”?

Can you see why this is confusing for someone learning English?

In the English language we have groups of words that have new meanings… these are English idioms.

If you don’t understand the important English idioms, you have a serious disadvantage trying to learn English.

But with this course, I have created a fun new way to learn idioms, supported with a lot of examples and personal anecdotes from my life. I understand that students don’t only need to learn English – they are busy people with families, working many hours, responsibilities and hobbies and so on… but when they do dedicate themselves to it, my job is to make learning English as memorable as possible.

I like make sure this information is immediately useful in people’s lives. I love showing my students how idioms can be used practically by offering a multitude of examples to demonstrate the use of each individual expression.


What is wrong with the way English idioms are taught in traditional English language schools?

It just seems a bit mechanical. People are very busy and have many responsibilities, so when learning is not fun, people learn very slowly!

Why is your approach fun and easy and better than traditional options?

People like to see how something can actually benefit their lives. If it is not useful, why learn it? I show my students how English idioms can be used practically by offering a multitude of examples to demonstrate the use of each individual expression.

What is your most sincere wish for someone who watches your lesson?

To have fun with whatever they are doing, learning, improving about themselves. No one is born perfect. Everyone was put on this earth to learn and develop themselves. You have to remember: whatever you put your mind to, you will get there eventually – but make the process of improvement fun by fully embracing it.

At the end of the lesson, what is the main benefit for the student?

They’ve made a small step towards having a more complete knowledge of the practicalities of idioms. I don’t expect anyone to remember all the idioms I’ve talked about during the class after just one time, but if you can remember even one or two from the first session and know how to apply them, you are a star!

What is the main advantage for someone who has a great knowledge of idioms?

Not only do they sound more interesting to others, but their knowledge of the language is much broader – it enters the cultural and historical aspect of the English language, therefore providing a wider understanding of the English language. The majority of my students are not interested in just learning the linguistics – they also want to know about the British culture, traditions, modern lifestyle and curiosities. By learning and understanding English idioms, you kill two birds with one stone.

After this course what advantage will this course give the student?

This course is for anyone who wants to excel from good to great. It will take the student’s knowledge of the English language just a notch higher and make them feel more confident and more interesting as an individual when conversing with others in English.

Why are these lessons perfect for someone interested in learning British English?

People like to compare and contrast American English with British English. The truth is, many idioms are the same and are used and understood in both territories. Of course, there are some very particular British idioms, that you might hear only in Britain (and during my classes), so people who are interested in working, studying and/or living in the UK, will greatly benefit from this course.

What will I learn in this course?

In this course you will learn many idioms and expressions, such as:

  • idioms to say you are busy

  • party idioms

  • idioms about beauty

  • idioms about happiness

  • expressions to say you like or don’t like something

  • and more!

The course is not just the video lessons with me… After each lesson there is a special test video for you to receive automatic feedback about your understanding of the lessons!

What’s more, you can download the complete course in mp3 and PDF for total learning flexibility!

Start this course now to start learning with me!

Who this course is for:
  • People who want to be fluent in English
  • People interested in learning British English
  • People learning English for work or travel
  • People who need English to advance their studies
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